Location based marketing, also popularly expressed as geo marketing or geo conquesting is an effective marketing strategy that came into the scene of marketing way back. However, lately new technology has further improved and added features to this geo marketing strategy to help boost up conversion rate. This marketing strategy focuses mainly on the potential customer’s geographical location to generate business by influencing them and enticing them to either come to the store or buy products preferring one over the other in a competitive localised market front.

The Beacon Technology, a recent upgradation has blessed this geo conquesting with a new feature. A potential customer who happens to cross by a store would get direct messages from the brand which would encourage him or her step into the store to buy one product over the other. Direct messages are modified on the basis of the location of the customer and often checking out services in the online portals are quickened and accelerated. Geo marketing has gained much popularity and it helps sending the potential customers targeted messages and at times additional messages depending on their geographical locations. Geo marketing indeed helps in business generation ve it a small scale or a large scale one.