If there is a battle between product videos and product images, the latter always has an upper hand in most cases and the reasons are quite obvious. Video creation typically involves a lot of time and is also expensive. Moreover, in-depth editing and specialized equipment are the mandatory requisites for producing a high-end product video.

However, despite being challenged all the time, product videos are worth creating and worth using for the promotion and sale of the products. They drive sales way faster than images which most e-commerce owners fail to realize. They continue using images to cut down the company costs.

If you ask, why you should use videos on your e-commerce store, then here is the answer:

A video that highlights the key features of a product, focuses on the benefits of using the product, demonstrates on how to use the product, leaves a much better impression on the minds of the potential customers compare to images. For instance, a still image and product description for a backpack is okay. It will give you all the necessary information like size, color, features etc. On the contrary, when the audience gets to see a video where they can actually see how much volume the bag can hold, how many compartments it has, how much sturdy it’s straps are and how it looks when carried by a real person, their confidence in buying that particular piece increases.

If you are still confused regarding how investing in video creation is fruitful for your e-commerce business, then simplify your thoughts and ponder the use of advertisements on the television, social media platforms, YouTube and other channels. Think how quickly it grabs the eyeballs of the viewers and the next thing they do immediately is browse the product on the internet for further details. So what are you thinking? Start creating your product videos and see the results!