High bounce rate is the bane for every business website because it means more and more visitors are entering through a page of your website, probably the landing page, and leaving instantly from that same page. In other words, it is the exit rate of a web page. If Google Analytics is making you aware of the fact that your website’s bounce rate is gradually rising, then you need to pay some serious attention to this to find out the root cause of so many visitors leaving your page.

This post tries to put forward some of the strategies that you can implement to reduce the exit rate of your website.

  • Visual appearance is crucial to impress the visitors in the first place and images do this part in the best manner. But what will happen if the images of your website take huge time to load or simply appear blank? Visitors will decide to leave. So, please ensure that the size of the images used in your website or blog are compressed and are equally compatible with viewing in all types of devices and smartphones.
  • Another big cause of people not able to stick to your page is broken links. Clicking on a website URL and landing on a blank page/Page not found/ 404 error/internal server error frustrates the viewers a lot. So, check if your website has such issues and if yes, then fix them immediately.
  • If the content in the SERPs deviates from what you provide in the main website, then surely you are going to lose some of your genuine customers. Eye catchy titles, taglines, and Meta descriptions are important to entice the visitors to click on your page, but make sure that the website content addresses the same topics.
  • People are impatient and are always in a hurry. You have to keep in mind that at least other 1000 marketers and businesses are providing the same information or service on the internet that you are providing. So, if a visitor comes to your page but experiences a slower loading page, he or she will immediately abandon it and go to your competitor’s website that has a faster loading time.
  • Nevertheless, it is not too late and you can still increase the number of visitors coming to your page. Check thoroughly the issues that are discussed above and try reducing your website’s bounce rate by eliminating the causes.