The gradual advent of “social media” marketing has surpassed the importance of Newsletters and has also been successful enough to convince the business owners to not rely on this “old-school” technique of email marketing. But this is certainly not true! As per marketing experts, one can reap immense benefits from newsletter marketing with the introduction of some tweaks. Here are some measures exclusively for you to get the best results from email newsletter marketing.

A sure-fire “From” Name and a Subject Line: Often the recipients get annoyed when they see their inbox flooded with emails from “no reply” email address and emails coming from a very generic or random “From” person. They tend to ignore these kinds of emails or mark them as spam. To prevent yourself from being listed as one of the spammers, make sure you use a believable name (maybe using your original name is the best thing to do) and a personalized headline that can be used repeatedly for sending your company newsletters.

Keep the content short and precise: Gone are days when people were familiar with reading longer advertising content on newspapers and magazines from left to the right. When it comes to online marketing, people prefer shorter and to-the-point content. So it is important that you grab their attention through catchy headlines, subheadings, bulleted points and appropriate CTAs.

Make the Visuals Attractive: Since you are a random sender, so bland design and layout may bore the subscribers and they may not want to click through and read the entire matter. Using visually appealing graphics and innovative concepts will amuse the readers and entice them to take a particular call-to-action.

Highlight the company benefits: If the purpose of your marketing is to make the subscribers aware of your company products/services or introduce them to your newly launched products or encourage them to take part in an event or a show, then it’s vital to highlight the benefits over the features. It’s the benefits that play the key role in conversions and hence must be given paramount importance while creating newsletters.

Newsletter Marketing, when done in a proper way, can bring in great results and also has the capability to surpass the power of social media marketing. So, buck up and start implementing some serious marketing strategy with these above mentioned newsletters tweaks.