Starting from promotion of product or brand to establishing credibility, adding more to contribution of ideas or encouraging widespread popularity of the brand name, hashtags serve multiple purposes.

However, one needs to know how to weaponize the use of hashtag, instead of using it arbitrarily.

Knowing the purpose of using hashtag is important. Know well what product will it voice, what audience it is targeted at and why exactly it is decided to be used by you.

Use Google or Twitter alerts to be vigilant of similar hashtags as yours, used by else. You would never like to promote someone else’s brand over your product.

Keep an eye on who are using hashtags with your brand name. This would help you to know how people feel about your product. Encourage sharing through hashtags. You brand can gain familiarity this way.

Brainstorming ideas once the hashtags are settled with, is important. Modulate your voice as per the target group of audience. Come up with more ideas, witty, humorous and intelligent to draw the attention of mass. The hashtags must have that chutzpah.

Promote your hashtag by using it more often. Across all social media platforms use it more frequently.

With the launching of every new product don’t forget to use a hashtag. Do remember that hashtags are quite potent to create buzz.

These are the things you need to be aware of while using a hashtag. Once used in the right way, with the purpose of its use clear in your mind, hashtags can increase threefold the marketability and sales of the concerned products.