The tremendous rise in the use of Social Media platforms by the common masses has channelized a whole new of path of online marketing for the entrepreneurs. This new medium of marketing needs to be utilized to the fullest by every company owner starting from food merchandise, fashion and accessories to beauty salon. This post will throw light on some of the effective ways to promote a beauty salon on the three most favored social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Read further to know what these steps are.


Since you are very clear about the demography that actually gets benefitted from your product, make sure all your posts and statuses lie in their interest domain. Sharing success stories or testimonials of your happy customers is a great way to win the trust of the potential ones. As it is a beauty salon; they need to see how you work, what your areas of expertise are, and how you assist people in their grooming. Hence, you should keep posting high-quality original images of your salon at regular intervals. Arranging online contests and sharing tips on makeup and beauty care also help in increasing the engagement factor among the followers.


Unlike Facebook, connecting with likeminded people is much easier on Twitter. Using popular hashtags like #beautysalon, #makeup, #beautytips, #beautycare etc. will bring together all the people who are using the same hashtags and have a mutual interest in beauty salon and makeup. Apart from these hashtags, you must create a customized brand hashtag and use it in every post to advertise your salon. Start following pages interrelated to your brand like fashion, cosmetic trends etc. and like, comment and retweet their posts to get noticed.


Instagram is a social media marketing app that gives utmost importance to creativity and visual presence. The ideal way to advertise your salon on Instagram would be to post “before” and “after” images of the customers who have undergone a transformation under your supervision and are super contented with your service. Don’t forget to use popular hashtags that are relevant to your brand because this will help people to find you on Instagram.

So, without thinking much, start implementing these above-said strategies today to attract more and more followers to your pages and achieve success in social media marketing.