The game of Facebook marketing is not just plain sailing but something beyond that! Marketing experts suggest that your brand promotion must be very specific otherwise you will go unnoticed. And holidays are the times when you can actually make the most of the Facebook Ad campaigns. To win the hearts of your targeted audience, you have to stay ahead of the competition.

But, how? Well, we have the answer.

Prepare a concrete and foolproof strategy (if you haven’t yet). Seasonal ads are those that appear occasionally for the purpose of a particular festival or holiday and hence must be completely different from the conventional posts.

First, it must be visually stunning. Stunning not only in terms of the designs, but also the content. The way you advertise your offers to your audience matters a lot. You shouldn’t sound desperate trying to sell maximum products during the holidays.

Start posting innovative graphics a week or two beforehand in order to maintain curiosity in your followers’ minds. The offer details and attractive deals should be kept clandestine till the final time comes. This is a very nice trick to retain maximum followers during the holidays.

The new Facebook Video creation kit can be your savior. Lately launched by Facebook, this tool can be used by any amateur to create a Facebook video ad. You can actually get your first-holiday promotional ad done at zero cost (without any professional help or paid software). As a start-up, it is a good strategy. But for better and impactful engagement, you can create your own customized promotional video by hiring an expert.

To conclude, you must plan ahead to stay ahead of the completion. During festivities, companies tend to spend most to promote their brands (and products). So, why to stay behind? Make the most of the Facebook Ads to keep more and more prospects coming to your Facebook page.