You may find it tedious to increase your brand’s awareness if it’s for the first time. But you don’t need a magician or wizard who can raise your brand’s awareness by pulling in online traffic. Here are some Integrated Social Media Solutions that can help you attract visitors towards the brand without typically sounding “sales oriented”:

Use many Social Networking platforms – Firstly, you should have an account that increases online awareness for your business on all famous social networks that have popularized social media. Publicizing a brand through business pages of sites like Facebook or Google+ is a great way for businesses to advertise their services/products for free to numerous followers.

Always remember a Call to Action – Always ensure to inform visitors what you want them to do at the end of any blog, video or even your website message. The text should convey where they can find your sales page for lead generation.

Utilize the power of YouTube – Use this medium wisely by posting videos relevant to your business with matching title, descriptions and tags for Google to crawl it. Also ensure that the videos are engaging since YouTube is mainly meant for entertainment.

Avoid using multimedia & networking forums in isolation – You can use social networks like Facebook or just multimedia sites like YouTube for business branding but the returns will be limited. But using all such forums in tandem can complement each other and drive in more traffic.

Always go for blogging to boost interest – You should maintain a blog relevant to your business and post new content at least thrice a week for better SEO results. Just remember to insert a link that directs towards your main business website within the blog to redirect potential traffic.