Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just about keywords, but it is something more than that. There are a whole lot of other factors that you need to understand in SEO. SEO is a strategic effort towards making your content look best and stand out distinct in the eye of your target audience. The foremost thing that you need to do is to work on the content title in order to move a step ahead of the others. Here are some tips on how to write SEO friendly eye-grabbing titles:

Keep it short – Keep in mind that your title won’t have unlimited space to show up on the search page. So use only a few words with lesser space so that viewers can see the complete sentence when they search. 7-8 words are the best choice.

The inclusion of keywords is must – Keywords are considered to be super important while writing titles as Google solely depends on these keywords to send references to the users. If you can include them in the first 3 words of your title, that would be best.

Don’t be tricky – Customers don’t like to think too much on a particular search result as they have tons of other alternatives. Thus, if you think showing yourself as a clever blogger by writing catchy and tricky titles won’t help you in case of SEO. You need to be precise and to the point.

Consider your target audience – First, analyze who your target audience is and what information they might be seeking on the internet. Once you know the answer you will not only have a wide array of content ideas but also be able to put the right keywords in your title.

Use numbers – If you are writing something that involves a particular number of points say guidelines, features, reasons, tips, key factors etc. then it is advisable to include the number of points in the title only. Adding numbers is not only helpful for search engines but also makes the audience curious. Also, write in numeric like “5 Tips To Design A Great Logo” and not in letters like this “Five Tips To Design A Great Logo”.

Writing SEO friendly titles is neither a difficult job nor a time consuming one. You just need to keep the above points in mind while framing the right title for your article.