Blogging has become a steady practice for all the business houses as well as individual owners. Updating a blog page on a daily basis helps a website to come in the first 2-3 pages of Google search engines. After investing a hell of a lot of time in creating high-quality content for your blog, if few people turned up to read your piece, it can be highly depressing. This post will give you some suggestions on how to shoot up your blog subscriber’s list.

The first step would be to give a clear-cut instruction or CTA to your first-time readers. Do not misguide them by directing them to mail you. That’s the major blunder. Instead, put a CTA button Like “Subscribe Now To Get More Tips and Information”, so that your readers need not to make the effort to log in to their mail ids and then send you a message asking for subscription request.

Place the Subscription Box tactfully at the most desirable place on the page. Your viable options are the sidebar, header, footer or a pop-up box. It is recommended to run an experiment to see which one of these options works best for conversion.

These two are the most convenient and practical ways to get more and more people coming to your blog to read your articles. But if you want to try out some unconventional tricks to attract more subscribers in the blink of an eye, then here is one for you. Produce content that they won’t get anywhere else. It not only implies impeccable writing but also means offering some extra advantages that they can’t wait to get. For example, you can share information from primary data-based resources which are generally inaccessible by everyone on the internet. Also, you can create a blog segment like “Latest news” or “Highlighting news” where you can share crucial and updated information with the readers first before anyone else does.

These are the few smart ways to entice the visitors and convince them to sign up with their email id and follow you regularly on your blog page.