There are some major differences between an Ecommerce website and an informational website. The theory of minimalism is kept in mind while designing a company’s online store. The website should be user-friendly both in terms of design and navigation. This post brings before you the main fundamentals of designing and building an ecommerce website which will hit the target audience instantly and increase your website conversion.


The about us page must say something which your competitors can never think of. You should portray your brand story in such a manner that your audience will be able to connect with you and trust you. Using content-rich design, uploading videos, podcasts are some of the great ideas to win their trust.


Showcasing your products in the gallery without providing descriptions is the biggest blunder one could do in creating an ecommerce website. Not only keywords enriched descriptions help in optimizing search engines, but also provide valuable information about the products to the potential customers.


The search bar is a mandatory element in any online store because this is the first place where visitors will come and seek their desired items. Autosuggestion mechanisms must be enabled in order to make their choice easy and hassle-free.


Clear and precise information should be provided for Pricing, Shipping, and Exchange & Return Policy. Also, add-to-cart icons, payment icons like cash on delivery, debit, credit etc. should be recognizable and easy to locate in the page.


These things fall under one single category and serve the purpose of educating and informing the target audience about the company’s products, offerings etc.


This is also a vital aspect of Ecommerce website designs because proper contact information comprising of address, phone numbers, email-ids, social media messengers help in winning the trust of the potential customers. Also, they should be able to reach out to you directly in case of any queries or support.

Note down these above basics before you contract a web designer to get your ecommerce website done and kick-start your first online venture.