We all know that the logo is the first thing that people notice in a brand and a pleasing logo raises the chances of client conversion. Animated logo is a much-hyped topic of the graphics design industry nowadays. More and more brands are keen on using an animated logo to increase their brand awareness amongst their target audience.
But one should be aware of the fact that the animated logo cannot be applied anywhere and everywhere you wish. There are certain marketing guidelines to use video content on digital platforms and let us take a note on this.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are now mostly used for product promotions. Business houses rely upon these accounts to bring their brands to the notice of the target audience. Animated logos are also converted to GIFs reflecting the brand story which is then shared by the people across all the platforms. This is how a brand advertises its product or services to the millions of active users.


The company website is one of the most crucial brand assets and the way a website works determine your company ranking in the search engines. When you introduce an animated logo, visitors will apparently spend more time watching and understanding the emotion behind the logo. The more time they spend on a page, the higher will be it’s ranking in the Google search results.


If you are attending a webinar or a trade show where you will be representing your brand story via PPT or slideshows, then using an animated logo in those slides are the best thing to do to draw the maximum attention.

The effectiveness of an animated logo as a promotional tool is immense and hence you should try using it right away in order to make your brand promotion fruitful.