To get the best output from your design team and maintaining a stable brand identity, a proper and instructive design guide is mandatory. Until and unless your team knows your brand logo, the color palette and the typography, it will be difficult for them to retain the same brand pattern. These are the essential components that one must explain to create a winning design guide. Let discuss in detail about these elements.


Your design guideline should include how and where the logo should be used and displayed under different circumstances. For instance, you should mention the maximum and minimum permissible size of the logo, when to use the black and white format and when not, the background to be used, white space to be allocated around the logo etc.


Nothing attracts more than an engaging visual or image. But there should be a strict guideline regarding what type of images to be used, whether using stock photos are acceptable, whether they should be used in grey scale or color format etc.


Your design guideline should mention everything clearly regarding what color swatches, fonts, shapes, patterns etc. to use. Explaining them clearly will help the designers to maintain the style and format of your brand precisely across each and every medium.


You should provide a visual format of your entire brand kit which will help the designers to understand what exactly you want from their designs. In other words, your brand identity examples would represent what are the design standards that need to be followed.

If you keep these four things in mind, you can easily create an inspiring brand guide that will raise the bar of your company standard.