Facebook, an integral aspect of digital marketing, guide the business organizations towards an optimum development. It aspires to build up a larger customer base and by providing the company with an effective exposure it ensures means of lucrative business strategies.

It is necessary to build up an alluring Facebook landing page for ensuring better advertising means and for attracting the viewer’s attention. Certain things are to be surely kept in mind while developing the Facebook landing page.

Let us see how an attractive landing page for the Facebook can be developed:

A catchy headline is a must:

Facebook, being an integral part of the social media plays often with the visual delights and pleasures of the viewers. A company’s Facebook page must have a catchy tag line to attract the viewers’ attention. The tag line must have that spunk in it to make the viewers feel inclined towards it.

High quality, attractive images:

The home page must incorporate some good quality snap shots pertaining to the company or its products. Images act as the feast for the eyes. The viewers would halt at a page when it is attractive not only in its appearance but also in its wit. While it should not be flamboyant enough to be disconcerting for the eyes, it should also not be that drab and pale with a shabby look.

Optimizing the landing page for the mobile:

The Facebook landing page must be compatible for the mobile phones, as it is with the desktops, laptops or note books. This is because half of the viewers would be likely to access the page from their mobile phones.

‘Sign up’ and the ‘call to action’ button:

The landing page should have the option of ‘call to action’ because it helps the viewers to directly go to the page from the concerned Facebook add.

Apart from these points a good landing page must have the ‘like gate’ for drawing more customers, it must have a visual continuity between the advertisements and the pages and it must be exclusive.