Fun Stats

Progress from 2015-2016

Striving to better yourself is a daily goal here at Wheelistic Web Design. Looking at stats from previous years is a great way to compare customer satisfaction and success rate. Your Business only goes as far as you take it. There’s no limit to what your glimpse of an idea can evolve into. Get Your Business Rollin’ by incorporating yourself a legitimate web presence to show your audience the commitment you have to success.

52% Marketing
68% Graphic design
87% Website design

Professionalism at its Best

Being professional is what separates you from being the Average Joe.
Remember, if you think it’s expensive to hire a Professional, wait until you hire an Amateur.



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Server Administration

Administrating a Server is a complicated task. Let Wheelistic Web Design setup, maintain, customize, protect and monitor your Dedicated Server or VPS (Virtual Private Server) and provide you with a healthy, secure web environment.

Logo Design

Our Designers create only the best in Graphics. It's hard to pay for designs and be unsure of what you're getting. That's why we deliver multiple choices for you to decide on with unlimited revisions. We're so confident in our work that designs are 100% refundable!

Web Design

Well, Web Design is in our name. If that doesn't tell you enough right off the bat then feel free to Contact us for a free consultation on what we offer and why Web Design is our specialty. Or view our Portfolio page for several examples of our work.


Although often underestimated, Branding is the most important step in getting the right look for yourself. Having a great Brand is like giving people an unforgettable souvenir to remember you by. Your Brand is also what people will mention when referring you!

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